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Lake Charles Hurricane Relief
Thank you!

Thank you for helping us make this trip possible! We were able to accomplish a lot in the two weeks we spent in Lake Charles. We’re glad to have been able to help so many people and raise the spirits of many others. We’re already planning a 2nd trip back to Lake Charles in March with some high school guys. In addition to being an area very much in need of help, Lake Charles is filled with great people who helped us gain a new perspective on what’s really important. The people there are resilient and family focused. Many have lived in the same home for several generations. That’s partly why our work (however minor it may have seemed) was very much appreciated. Thank you for helping support and praying for this trip!

- Conner, John Luke, Peter, Patrick, Joe, Sam, Luke, Alex, Matt, John, Carson, Nick, Joe, John, Jack, David, Gabriel

Last day of work!

Today will be our last day of work in Lake Charles! It’s been an amazing two weeks and fortunately we’ve been able to help a lot of folks. Keep the prayers coming for these people and our group!

Thank you! Conner

Week 1 Done!

We had a fantastic first week in Lake Charles! This morning we even got to meet Bishop Glen Provost!

Our main focus this past week was exterior work (clearing brush and debris, removing damaged fences or structures) and we were fortunate to help a handful of people: Angela, Catherine, Joyce, Thomas, Barbara, Delores, Jackie, Patricia, Marie, Donovan, and Meagan.

This week we’ll keep working with several of these people with a focus more on interior work (gutting, treating for mold, installing insulation and drywall).

Thank you for the support and prayers!

Day 4!

Yesterday and today we continued debris removal at several properties. We got into some mold and insulation removal as well as rebuilding stairs and boarding up windows. We were lucky to have Mass at the beautiful Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Lake Charles this morning!

2 Days and only 5 stitches!

Today we worked on demolition and debris removal! We finished work on the fallen trees in Ms Catherine’s yard, removed all the debris from Meagan’s lot, made a dent in the debris at Delores’ home, cleared out the back yard of Angela’s mother’s home, and started work on several huge fallen trees at Donovan’s place. Gabe got 5 stitches... And we learned that Matt can cook!

First day in Lake Charles

Thank you all for your support. We got down to Lake Charles last night and right to work this morning. We helped clear out Ms Catherine’s 2nd floor and will do more work on her 1st floor later this week. Also we’ll work on replacing her outdoor stairs. 

We appreciate all your help. The people here are very appreciative as well!